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Aldi Ambiano Retro Milk Frother Review

  • May 29, 2022
  • By Stephanie, The Roving Fox
Aldi Ambiano Retro Milk Frother Review

Aldi Ambiano Retro Milk Frother Review

If you love Aldi or have been shopping there a while, you know they often have special or season items! One of the special items for spring/summer 2022 is the Aldi Ambiano Retro Milk Frother, and I picked up the new retro version to try.

I used to have the Nespresso Aeroccino and loved it, but I couldn’t justify the price and ended up returning it. At $100+ it’s not a cheap accessory, although I would classify it as the industry-standard home milk frother.

Aldi Retro Milk Frother Design

The Retro Milk Frother comes in two colors: off white/cream and teal. It’s part of Aldi’s Ambiano line, which also consists of cream and teal pressure cookers, tea kettle, and other small kitchen appliances.

The Retro Milk Frother also comes with a black handle, which the regular frothers they sell do not have one. At first, I wasn’t sure about the handle, since it takes up more room on the counter. But in the end, I like it because it’s easier to grip, especially if your hands are damp.

Aldi Ambiano Retro Milk Frother Machine

Aldi Ambiano Retro Milk Frother Modes

On the front of the frother, there are five buttons: four control buttons and a power button. The controls offer:

  • Mode 1: hot milk, no foam
  • Mode 1: hot milk, no foam (without the whisk)
  • Mode 2: hot milk, medium foam
  • Mode 3: hot milk, lots of foam
  • Mode 4: froth without heat

Like the Aeroccino, the Aldi Ambiano Retro Milk Frother had two whisk insert parts inside the frother which froth the milk.

The Ambiano milk frother says it can make hot and cold foam. So far, I’ve only tested the hot foam features.

Does it work?

Yes, so far, I like it! I’ve made two cappuccinos on Mode 1 and Mode 2 with the Aldi Ambiano Retro Milk Frother. Personally, I stopped the machine before it’s foaming cycle was over so there was less foam and a creamier consistency of milk.

I think the Mode 1 without foam would come in really handy for kids “lattes” or making hot chocolate.

Mode 4 is also super interesting, and I can’t wait to try it. The description reminds me of a Starbucks cold foam drink, which are my favorite!

And at just $24.99, the price is a lot more palatable.

I’d definitely recommend trying one out, whether you like the Retro version or prefer to wait until they re-release a regular tube shaped version.

If you check Aldi’s “Weekly Finds,” that is where you can find all of their seasonal or special release items.

Ambiano Milk Frother Aldi

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By Stephanie, The Roving Fox, May 29, 2022
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