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About Me



Thanks for stopping by! I’m Stephanie Janes, and the goal of my blog, The Roving Fox, is to become one of the best travel blog websites in the industry, one post at a time.

I grew up in Delaware (the first state!), and attended the University of Delaware where I majored in vocal performance and minored in Strength and Conditioning (fitness). After that, I flew the coop and moved to Philadelphia where I obtained a Master’s in Arts Administration from Drexel University.

By day I’m an arts publicist over at Stephanie Janes PR, but my true passions are travel, food & wine, the arts, trying new things, and my cat Sophie. (I’m just excited to have a place to post about her now since my husband told me putting her photo on my business website was “unprofessional”).

I’ve spent time as a Spin instructor, yoga instructor, and personal trainer, and count fitness as one of my passions. I’ve scaled it back due to a hip injury, but love going to the gym at least 4x per week now.

My love of travel was sparked in 2008 during a trip to Bali. Since then, I’ve explored much of Europe, parts of South America, Southeast Asia, Australia, and of course the U. S. of A.

As a makeup and beauty junkie, I take seriously the art of finding the best products for one’s skin, hair, and nails, too. I will hunt down the best products to recommend and love sharing special finds.

I’m excited to document my travels, share tips on travel and beauty. I travel a lot for fun and work and will be trying to capture some of the unique experiences that happen along the way.

Travel guides and reviews are some things that I’ve always found valuable, and this lifestyle and travel blog website is full of reviews, guides, and tips.

Enjoy reading the blog as I strive to become one of the best travel blog websites out there, and learn more about working together here.

Email me at therovingfoxblog at gmail dot com if you want to chat more!

xo, Stephanie

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About Me
Hi, I'm Stephanie!
Welcome to The Roving Fox, a travel and lifestyle blog written and curated by travel blogger Stephanie Janes. The Roving Fox is my ramblings on the good life, including travel, beauty, and dining. Based in Boston, travels everywhere.
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