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Work With Me

Work With The Roving Fox, Stephanie Janes

Hi, I’m Stephanie Janes, a Boston-based travel and lifestyle blogger! Thanks for dropping by and considering working with me for your next project or event.

As a publicist in my day job, I have worked with countless bloggers and journalists, and I understand the need for producing high quality, well-written content about your products and clients.

Luckily, I am a Type-A, INTJ who is responsive, friendly, and above all- – RELIABLE.

My goal in starting The Roving Fox was to share my travel and lifestyle tips in a practical and straightforward way with no messing around.

With every blog post I hope to share honest experiences and recommendations with readers in a way that they find useful when planning trips, trying new restaurants, or seeking out new experiences.

I’m proud of the long form blog posts I create, and include as much detail as possible in every post.

Check out my city guides for Boston, MA; Providence, RI; Merida, Mexico; and Portland, ME.

Whether it’s a destination guide, food & drink guide, or a review post about a new product, I love to cover travel, food & wine, beauty products, natural products, and create shopping guides.

Who Reads The Roving Fox?

The audience of The Roving Fox is based in North America, is aged 25-40, and is an even split between men and women. Our audience is most engaged on Instagram, and is growing steadily on Pinterest and email.

How Can We Work Together?

I’d love to work together on:

  • Sponsored posts
  • Product reviews
  • Press and FAM trips
  • Social media promotion or takeovers

If you’re looking for detailed reviews and guides, count on me to be an honest, straightforward, and responsive partner!

Please note that all sponsored content will contain clear disclosures and no-follow links, as required by Google and the FTC.

I write all of the content myself and cannot post pre-written posts. The trust and reputation I build with readers is my most valuable asset and I would never want to compromise that!

If all this sounds great, please email me at therovingfoxblog at gmail dot com.

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Media Mentions

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“Standing helps me stay more focused so I can get more work done in a shorter amount of time,” says travel blogger Stephanie Janes. She’s made impromptu standing desks with boxes, upside down trashcans and a suitcase to adjust her laptop at the right height for working on two feet.”
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conde nast traveler logo

“Gather all of your pre-planning in one place with the tried-and-true Google Maps, which lets you hone in on different types of businesses and attractions within a specific area. “I tag locations with stars and then try to hit up as many things I want to do in a starred area at one time,” says Stephanie Janes, a classical music publicist. “It is very time efficient if I only have a few hours in a place.””
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“Meet Stephanie Janes of Stephanie Janes PR and The Roving Fox in Cambridge”
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“Stephanie Janes studied vocal performance at the University of Delaware before getting her master’s degree in arts administration from Drexel University. She now uses her education to run her own PR firm for nonprofit performing arts organizations and musical artists, such as opera singers and composers.”
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Photo Credit: Kristin Otharsson

Stephanie Janes The Roving Fox blog
Hi, I’m Stephanie

Hey there, I am Stephanie, aka “The Roving Fox!” I started this blog to share travel tips with friends, and eventually started incorporating more info about my hip labrum surgery, beauty products I love, and restaurant reviews. Please say hi here on the blog, on Instagram, or Facebook!

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