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Conrad Hotel at Resorts World Las Vegas Review

  • November 8, 2023
  • By Stephanie, The Roving Fox
Conrad Hotel at Resorts World Las Vegas Review

I had the good fortune to stay at the Conrad Hotel at Resorts World Las Vegas for two nights this November. I haven’t been to Las Vegas for several years, so after visiting a friend in Arizona, I took the opportunity to fly an hour to Las Vegas for a few nights! I spent two nights at the Conrad before moving to Paris for two nights.

As part of a casino status matching journey I’m undertaking, the Ocean Casino in Atlantic City gives you two free nights at Resorts World in Las Vegas. It was good fortune that I could use the two nights to add on after seeing my friend. And I was especially excited to stay at the Conrad.

The Resorts World complex is the newest hotel on the strip in a decade, and everything feels bright, polished, and new. There are three hotels on site at the RWLV property–the Conrad, Crockfords, and the Las Vegas Hilton. The building is one sweeping structure, but there are different hotel towers inside, all anchored by the common spaces with the casino, restaurants, and theaters.

Conrad Hotel at Resorts World Las Vegas Review

Conrad Hotel at Resorts World Las Vegas Rooms

Resorts World Conrad Hotel Queen Bedroom

The room I stayed in was fairly large with two queen beds. There was a spacious dresser, a nice bench for bags or putting on shows, and a really big TV. The TV came equipped with a Chromecast, so it was easy to pair it to my phone and stream movies.

The minibar was well stocked with snacks and drinks. There was a little sign that said if you pick up something off its place for more than 30 seconds, it will charge the room. So watch out about knocking over something or moving it if you don’t want to be charged! It was nice that the hotel included a second, personal, minifridge. I was able to fit a 1/2 gallon milk, a box of seltzer water, and a big bottle of cold brew.

The bathroom was really large and beautiful. The shower had a handheld showerhead and a rainfall showerhead. The toilet room had a pocket door, and in the center was a double vanity with a large mirror and shaving mirror.

My room looked out over Circus Circus and the Convention Center. I’d guess the other side of the hotel might look out over the Strip or some of the pools!

Overall, I thought my room was fantastic. Clean, quiet, with nice blackout shades. What more do you need?!

Resorts World Conrad Hotel Bathroom

Hotel Amenities: Dining, Shopping, Gym, Pools

The District Resorts World Las Vegas Shopping

Resorts World Las Vegas and the hotels were massive beyond what I had imagined before arrival. The lobby complex is spacious and bright, with high ceilings and shimmering chandeliers. As you go down the hallway from reception, the large casino floor opens before you. I think the whole hotel is smoke-free except the casino, but the casino area didn’t smell like smoke at all.

Just past the casino floor is a large shopping and dining area called The District. You can access The District from inside the hotel or from the Strip. There are a number of restaurants and shops here worth checking out for a while! I had lunch at the Viva Mexican restaurant. They were still serving brunch when I arrives so I got the huevos rancheros. Score!

I’m a Hilton Diamond member, and therefore we get $25 food credit to spend on-site each day. None of the food was cheap, so I think of it more as a subsidy than really being able to pay for a full meal.

The gym was absolutely massive, with a wall of TVs, Peloton bikes, a dozen treadmills, and weights galore. I think the most special thing about the gym was the Theragun recovery area. You can pay for one of the trainers to work on your sore muscles, or you can borrow one of the machines and do a few minutes of self-massage. There were also a variety of foam rollers and stretching mats to aid in recovery.

When I visited, the pools had just started closing at 4pm. During the colder months, the sun sets at 4:30pm, so it gets dark and cold fast! Some of the pools were closed when I stayed there, but I was able to get a great lunch at Agave poolside, and hang out in a lounger for an hour until closing.

Conrad Las Vegas Hotel Gym

Overall Thoughts about the Conrad Hotel at Resorts World Las Vegas

After just two nights at the Conrad Hotel at Resorts World Las Vegas…I never want to leave. Everything is clean, thoughtfully designed, and colorful. The amenities are carefully curated with comfort in mind, and the staff has been friendly and helpful at every turn. The hotel is on the north side of the Strip, so getting down to some of the other attractions could be a bit of a walk, unless you chose to ride share or take the bus.

But I would highly recommend staying here during your trip to Las Vegas. Just the fact that it’s all new and in pristine condition is very appealing. I hope you enjoyed this Conrad Hotel at Resorts World Las Vegas review!

Resorts World Conrad Hotel Pool

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By Stephanie, The Roving Fox, November 8, 2023
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