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Boston Public Library Opens the Map Room Tea Lounge with Cocktails

  • March 20, 2019
  • By Stephanie, The Roving Fox
Boston Public Library Opens the Map Room Tea Lounge with Cocktails

Map Room Tea Lounge Open with Tea-Inspired Cocktails in the Boston Public Library

The Boston Public Library on Boylston Street has announced the opening of their new Map Room Tea Lounge. The redesigned lounge will feature tea-inspired cocktails and tasty bites.

I walked through the new Map Room Lounge today after grabbing afternoon tea with Colleen from Travel Like a Local MA. It was a darker and more evocative environment than the airy afternoon tea space, with exposed brick walls and copper utensils. The quartz-topped bar looks like it can seat at least 10 comfortably, and there are tables and chairs thoughtfully arranged throughout the space.

Something about the decor actually reminds me of a Game of Thrones-inspired bar-room. The Boston Globe quotes the Catered Affair, who says “the Map Room Tea Lounge draws inspiration from the literature and innovation of the 1800s to create a sal√≥n for the modern world within the historical Boston Public Library.”

Tea infused cocktails inspired by literary works and authors include “All That Jazzmine” (gin, jasmine pearl tea, mint, and cucumber) and the “1984” (bourbon, green tea, pineapple, passionfruit, and lemon). Cocktails are all priced at $12 while beer is $7-$8.


Tasty bites include a local and imported cheese and charcuterie board, creative tartine sandwiches, and desserts like carrot cake whoopie pie or mint-chocolate tarts.

The lounge is open as of today, and the Library will be hosting a more formal opening celebration in May 2019.

I’d highly suggest a visit to the Tea Lounge now while it’s still a new hidden gem in the city of Boston!

View the Map Room Tea Lounge menu

Map Room Tea Lounge Hours:
Wednesday-Thursday, 3:00pm-8:45pm
Friday-Saturday, 11:30am-4:45pm
Sunday, 1:00-4:45pm

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Boston Public Library Map Room Tea Lounge cocktails

Boston Public Library Map Room Tea Lounge cocktails

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By Stephanie, The Roving Fox, March 20, 2019
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