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Boston Instagrammers to Follow in 2019

  • January 14, 2019
  • By Stephanie, The Roving Fox
Boston Instagrammers to Follow in 2019

Boston Instagrammers to Follow in 2019

One thing I loved about 2018 was all of the great Boston-based Instagrammers and bloggers I was able to discover and can now follow in 2019.

Their content continually inspires me and blows me away with their creativity and unique takes on Boston and the world.

So I want to dedicate one of my first posts of 2019 to these Boston Instagrammers to watch and follow this year! You’ll find world travelers, snaps of nature, gorgeous architecture, and a lot of coffee in their feeds.

Do you know someone who’s not on this list who should be? Comment below so I can follow them, too!


Boston Instagrammers to Follow in 2019

ME: Stephanie Janes @therovingfox

I am reading Brittany Hennessy’s book on influencers now, and she says if you make a list, always start with yourself. So follow me, mamas and papas! I’ll bring you fun and colorful travel content from my journeys, beauty product reviews, and maybe a pic or two of my daughter (cat), Sophie.

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I wrote up a new blog post for you guys about 10 things to do in Copenhagen in winter➡️link in bio ::: Here are a few snaps from the trip I took with my sister in early December when we visited Copenhagen. More photos and a guide of things to do on the blog! ::: #copenhagen #featuremevisitcopenhagen #visitcopenhagen #living_europe #beautifuldestinations #citybreak #hygge #traveltime #igtr #travel #travelgram #travelblogger #traveladdict #girlsaroundtheworld #girlslovetravel #wearetravelgirls #sheisnotlost #womentravel #thetravelwomen #girlsborntotravel #travelingtheworld #girlsabroad #damestravel #passportlife #girlsthatwander #bostonblogger #ladieslovetravel #wanderlust #denmark #thingstodoincopenhagen @visitcopenhagen

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Eshwa Azadzoi @eshwaazadzoi

Eshwa takes gorgeous architectural photos of Boston buildings and landmarks that will have you booking your ticket to Logan Airport asap.

Sophie M. Baird @sophie.m.baird

Sophie is like your fun and cool friend who always looks cute when you hang out. Follow her for big-time style inspo!

Bobby in Boston @bobbyinboston

Bobby has a solid eye for Boston architecture, and he shoots all of his photos on an iPhone.

Kristen Bousquet @kbousq

Kristen’s feed is pretty and pink right now, but follows the shade of her hair. She gives off a cool city chick vibe that’s totally fun and relatable.

Camilla Malm @camillamalm

Danish explorer Camilla Malm has moved to Boston and her feed is filled with happy and bright vibes.

Chelsea Marrs @chowdownusa

Chelsea is bringing lots of smiles and world travels to her feed, and I’m always checking in to see where her next adventure will take her.

Kristín Otharsson @otharks

Kristin is such a talented videographer and photographer; her sense of visual storytelling will blow your mind. She also makes gorgeous quilts by hand!

Krissy Price @bostonpollen

Krissy was voted “Boston’s Best Florist” by Boston Magazine, and you can see why in her feed. Sumptuous floral displays abound, with bouquets and photos of her international travels.

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Simple recipe: eucalyptus and anemone

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Brian Pu Ruiz @thepreppyhispanic

I think Brian loves a good latte more than anyone else I follow, and his clean and bright photos of coffees, pastries, and his snaps of Boston make him seem like your hip best friend.

Becky Shade, @shademadecreative

Becky’s flat lays are pieces of art, seriously. She’s one of my favorite Boston Instagrammers for her light and clean photography style.

Sheila and Chris @thetravelingmassholes

Sheila and Chris are a down-to-earth Boston-based couple who love taking aerial shots of the city as Chris is a professional pilot.

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HELLO FROM BOSTON ???????? • We are so fortunate to call this city home. Home to many “first”; the first public park, the first public library, the first public school, first public beach, first baseball stadium, first college in the US and first US subway system! 1️⃣ • From the classic cup of clam chowder to eating a Fenway frank, Boston is also home to some delicious food and desserts! History is what makes Boston so unique and we are lucky to call it home ❤️ • Immersing oneself into a culture: learning about its history, it’s people, the varieties of cuisines is what drives our love and passion to travel. Being engulfed in the sounds, smells, tastes, and details of each corner of every city – provides a in-depth experience into those who call the beautiful place their home. Having the opportunity to be the #NokenCEO would allow this philosophy to reach new corners of the world! While capturing these experiences with not only words but visual and audio aid is a strength that can be provided to the @noken experience and shared with all of you! • • • #nokenceo #noken #boston #bostondotcom #bostonusa #igers #igersmass #igersboston #igersmassachusetts #igmassachusetts #ignewengland #city #skyline #fenway #redsox #redsoxnation #prudentialcenter #travelmassive

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Amanda Sobkowiak @blondeoutofwater

Amanda’s feed is filled with sweet snaps of her, her husband, and their adorable Golden Retriever, Gatsby.

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By Stephanie, The Roving Fox, January 14, 2019
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