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Trip to Spain Cost: How Much We Spent For 2 Weeks in Spain

  • November 27, 2019
  • By Stephanie, The Roving Fox
Trip to Spain Cost: How Much We Spent For 2 Weeks in Spain

We went to Spain and Morocco for two weeks for our one-year anniversary trip in May 2019. We saw and ate so many amazing things and had a wonderful time exploring Madrid, Toledo, Seville, Barcelona, and Tangier Morocco. So you might be wondering how much we spent for 2 weeks in Spain and Morocco? Well, I wondered the same about the trip to Spain cost, so I tracked everything and added it all up.

I was curious, too, since I usually just spend on the fly. To be quite honest, some of the numbers really, really surprised me. While I know I didn’t plan a budget trip or a luxury trip, I definitely was taken aback by the amounts in some of the categories in this Spain travel budget.

You can find various trip to Spain costs for all budget types on other websites and blogs, and this is just a report of our two week cost of Spain vacation. I’ll link off to many of the most interesting tours and day trips we did, because they were all excellent!

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This site contains affiliate links which means The Roving Fox might make a small commission if you purchase something I recommend, at no cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Trip to Spain Cost: How Much We Spent For 2 Weeks in Spain and Morocco

The total cost for a 2 week trip to Spain and Morocco for 2 adults: $2,814.39, or about $200 per day // $100 per day per person.

This number does not include flights, just the expenses inside of Spain and Morocco. Our flights were $1,049 for two round trip tickets from Boston to Spain, and between Spain and Tangier, Morocco.

So the total cost of Spain vacation for 2 weeks in Spain and Morocco was $3,863.39

Cost Broken Down by Category

Accommodation: $172.54 for an AirBnb in Tangier. The rest of the trip we booked on Marriott free nights and points! (read my guide on how you can do that, too)

Transportation: $1,415.00. This includes flights, trains, taxis, Ubers, and Metro

Food: $662.25

Tours/Admission: $1,245.76

Misc: $368.84

Total: $3,863.39

Overall, I was most surprised by our tours and admissions expense when I tallied up the cost of Spain vacation. I booked a lot of AirBnB experience tours, food tours, a few massages, and wanted admission to all of the museums and churches we wanted to see. But seeing it written down as a Spain travel budget is still eye opening!

Since we didn’t pay for a hotel in Spain, I felt more free to spend in other categories that increased the Spain travel budget. If we had to pay for the hotel, I probably wouldn’t have booked so many experience-type things.

But let’s go through a few of these trip to Spain cost categories so you have a better idea of what we spent on our 2 week Spain and Tangier trip.

Madrid itinerary 3 days. what to do in Madrid for 3 days

Total Cost of Spain Day Trips, Tours, and Admission: $1,245.76

So this is where we splashed out a bit, and for good reason! We really wanted to take a few food tours, chocolate tours, day trips, and enjoy a massage/spa on the trip, which added to the cost of Spain vacation. Could we have done without some of these experiences? Of course. But we wanted to try so much, and we love tours led by locals.

Here are some of the best day trips or food tours in Spain we did:

History & Food in old town Madrid with host Abel: from $52 per person
This was a wonderful chance to walk with a local and ask all of your Madrid questions and get real recommendations. I think it’s so much better to hear the opinions on where to eat and what to do during a Madrid vacation from someone who lives there!

Chocolate Tour in Barcelona with Ksenia: from $41 per person
Another great tour experience in Barcelona was the Chocolate Tour. We got to sample so many goodies and learn about the history of chocolate in Spain.

Montserrat Monastery & Hiking tour: from $79 per person
It was a long and full day trip to Montserrat, but totally worth it! Hiking in the mountains and checking out the Monastery were unforgettable. Don’t forget to buy some treats like cheese and honey from the vendors who set up tents at the entrance.

Hammam Al Andalus Madrid: from $40 per person
So, booking a spa treatment upon landing in Madrid was the first time we tried something like that and it was life-changing. It helped us relax into sleep the first night and have a unique experience in a new city. Plus, it was fun to soak in the different temperature tubs and get a short massage. A must do for anyone who needs to combat jet lag or work on sore muscles!

Aire Ancient Bath Barcelona: from $50 per person
We really loved this Hammam because of the multiple temperature pools, the salt floating tub, the eucalyptus steam room, and the delicious tea. This is 100% recommended if you’re feeling sore or tired while in Barcelona!

trip to Spain cost 2 weeks in Spain

Sampling churros in Barcelona on our chocolate tour!

Total Cost of Spain and Morocco Accommodations: $172.54

We only paid for three nights in Tangier for a stunning room in an AirBnB in the Medina. We booked a private room, and it was a great choice because our hosts were so accommodating, made a wonderful breakfast, and were a great resource for local advice.

Here’s the link to our gorgeous AirBnB at $44 a night in the Medina. I highly recommend it!

Otherwise, we stayed at Marriotts in Madrid, Seville, and Barcelona on points which kept down our trip to Spain cost.

Read about my favorite credit cards for travel here.

I also maximized our points usage by booking during a time when they had extra night offers (book 4 nights, get 5th free), and using up additional free night rewards.

Airbnb in Tangier Morocco

Total Cost of Food in Spain and Morocco: $662.25

This was actually the most surprising line item for me. I thought we would have spent a lot more on food. Apparently we drink a lot of coffee, because there were some days we spent a bunch on it. So calculate all the little extras into your own Spain travel budget!

You can see some of our favorite food stops in Madrid in my 3 Day Guide to Madrid here.

Overall, it was totally possible to eat affordably everywhere we went in Spain and Morocco, which kept down our trip to Spain cost. We love trying new foods and aren’t picky or foodies, so we kept it easy and ate a lot of street food and at food halls. That’s the best way to try a variety of flavors affordably.

In Morocco, we really loved trying the mint tea and cookies at Palais Zahia Hotel & Spa, trying the traditional food at Rif Kebdani, and enjoying the delicious breakfast provided by our AirBnB hosts.

churros in Madrid

Churros in Madrid

Tapas in Seville Spain

Tapas in Seville

Afternoon tea in Morocco

Afternoon tea in Morocco

Rif Kebdani Tangier dinner

Rif Kebdani dinner in Tangier

Total Cost of Transportation for 2 weeks in Spain and Morocco: $1,415

This total includes flights for round trip travel from Boston to Madrid and Barcelona to Boston (open jaw flight); round trip from Seville to Tangier and Tangier to Barcelona (open jaw flight); taxis, Ubers, and metros.

Our international flights from the USA to Spain were booked on Iberia (read my Iberia Air review here). Our flights to Morocco were on Ryan Air and they were SO CHEAP. It was about $75 per person round trip with a checked bag and selected seat; base fare with no frills was something like $20!

Honestly, it is so dang cheap to fly around Europe once you are already there. It makes me wonder why it is so expensive to fly everywhere in the USA.

We also really try to use the Metro or walk in cities, but sometimes taking a taxi or Uber is necessary. So, we did it when needed, but Madrid and Barcelona really have top notch public transit and it was easy to get around. It definitely helps control trip to Spain costs.

Solo travel on a train

Miscellaneous Spending Total: $368.84

This is basically shopping. I had to buy new sneakers because my old ones developed a hole, I bought 2 dresses and a scarf, and Ken bought shorts and shirts. Don’t forget to add in things like this when you’re budgeting for your own cost of Spain vacation or Spain travel budget!

Shopping in Tangier Morocco

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