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The Art of Hygge and Hygge Gifts for Winter

  • October 19, 2019
  • By Stephanie, The Roving Fox
The Art of Hygge and Hygge Gifts for Winter

Don’t you love feeling warm and cozy in the winter? The Danish have a term for it: hygge. The art of hygge is bringing a comfortable feeling of well-being into your life–especially in the winter time when you need some cheer to get through the cold weather. And it’s a way to express love when you bring someone cozy hygge gifts.

Nobody does hygge better than the Danes, and it shows from the soft fabrics they decorate with, to steaming mugs of cocoa and hot coffee next to a common fireplace with a flickering hygge candle.

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Pronounced as hue-guh, hygge is the art of slowing down, enjoying the company of loved ones, and creating a feeling of comfort in your heart or home. It’s a feeling of “special,” warm and intimate. You’ve probably felt it before, cuddled under a warm blanket with a loved one as you sip a hot drink and laugh. It’s in the small moments when hygge is most present and alive in life.

Danes coined the term to get through the long and cold winters, but you can bring many elements of the art of hygge into your own home. While hygge is really the feeling you get, there are a few items on the hygge gifts shopping list below to help you get into the mood for celebrating this cozy winter feeling!

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How to Hygge shopping list

The Art of Hygge The Danish Art of Happiness: How to Hygge

Read the art of hygge quintessential guide about the art of Hygge

Get started with the quintessential “Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living” (hardcover $11.49). Author Meik Wiking is the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen and has spent his career studying the magic of Danish hygge and what brings people happiness in their daily lives. Wiking offers hundred of ways to bring hygge into your life and to share these daily experiences with loved ones.

From hygge candles and hygge gifts to how to adopt a more thankful attitude, this book is a must read for bringing the art of hygge into your life.

View the book on Amazon

Wrap yourself in a chunky blanket

Nothing helps warm up in the winter more than snuggling under a thicccccck soft blanket. This knit blanket by JollyAndVector ($128.99) is made from a hand-knitted wool blend yarn that’s getting rave reviews for it’s softness and warmth.

Shop for this blanket at Amazon

Crackling Hygge candle

I love these crackling Hygge candles by WoodWick ($19.73). They are so soothing in the winter, and make it feel like you have a fireplace even if you live in a small  place, like we do. For the ultimate, place a few around the room for surround sound crackling and soft light. It’s a lovely hygge gifts idea for a loved one, too.

Shop for a Hygge candle on Amazon

Warm Danish Slippers

Last year I visited Copenhagen with my sister and fell totally in love with wool (blog post about it here!). One of my treasured finds was super warm Danish wool slippers by Glerups ($94.95). They slide on easily, keep your feet temperature regulated, are moisture-wicking, and also look cute. I got the soft bottom version but I so wish I had gotten the rubber bottom version so I could run outside with them on!

Shop for Glerups slippers on Amazon

Nordic Paper Stars

These paper stars are found all over Europe in the winter. They create such a cozy atmosphere and a soft light for your home or office. This LED desk lamp gives you the functionality of a table light along with the charm of a paper star lantern ($21.99).

Shop for this paper star desk lamp on Amazon

Have friends over for tea

Hygge isn’t just about feeling cozy yourself. It’s also about sharing that feeling with your loved ones. Having friends over for tea is the perfect way to catch up and warm up at the same time, so add these to your hygge shopping list.

The Secura Original Stainless Steel Double Wall Electric Water Kettle ($39.99) comes in a variety of colors to match your kitchen, but this bright orange sure is eye-catching! The double walled design keeps hot water warm much longer than more traditional versions.

This Twinings Tea Sample Pack ($13.99) surely has a flavor for everyone with 48 tea bags in this charming set.

Treat your friends to traditional Danish butter cookies with tea ($16.47). The buttery cookies are the perfect complement to warming up with a hot drink.

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By Stephanie, The Roving Fox, October 19, 2019
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This site contains affiliate links which means The Roving Fox might make a small commission if you purchase something I recommend, at no cost to you. And as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you for your support of the blog!

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