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Glerups: The Danish Wool Slippers I’m Obsessed With

  • December 13, 2018
  • By Stephanie, The Roving Fox
Glerups: The Danish Wool Slippers I’m Obsessed With

Glerups Slippers Wool Slippers:

If you follow my Instagram, you’ll likely know that I just spend a few days in Copenhagen with my sister. I’ll be writing a post about that soon! We did some amazing things, but can we talk about what I am currently obsessed with? WOOL.  And finding Glerups slippers was an added bonus to my newly discovered wool obsession.

Part of the reason we traveled to Copenhagen in early winter was because we wanted to experience their legendary Christmas markets (and boy, did we). One thing I noticed at every market was that there was at least one wool stand, and they sold gloves, socks, booties, shoe liners, hats, and more.

I had never thought much about wool and thought it was just itchy, hot and uncomfortable. I couldn’t be more wrong after spending some time researching the attributes of wool and wearing my Glerups around the house.

I purchased a pair of Glerups with my own money, so this article is not sponsored by the company at all–it’s my honest opinion! **But Glerups, if you want to work together, say hi!**

this article contains affiliate links, which means I might make a small commission if you purchase something I recommend.

Glerups slippers review pinterest

About Wool Material:

As I got deeper into my wool craze, I started Googling attributes of wool and was really amazed. Here are some top line highlights of my “highly scientific internet research”:

Wool is Natural

Sheep grow wool and their coats grow back every year. Therefore, it’s a natural and renewable fiber. People have been using wool forever to stay warm. (I know some methods of shearing wool are not good to the sheep, but have also heard that sheep need to be shorn. If you have thoughts either way, let me know).

Wool is Biodegradable and Reusable

Since wool is a protein fiber, you can compost it and it will break down into the soil. If you have an old wool sweater or scarf, you might also find a wool-worker who will re-use the yarn to make something new!

Wool is Absorbent

Wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight, making it an absorbent fabric that will keep you warm and dry. It’s a natural insulator, too. So it will keep you warm and dry in the winter, and is breathable to let out extra heat if you get too warm.

Wool is Flexible

Due to the naturally crimped nature of a wool fiber, it can be bent more than 20,000 times before breaking. This means your wool items can probably be worn forever!

Wool is “self cleaning”

Wool is naturally coated lightly with lanolin, a waxy substance secreted by sheep. The lanolin helps water and dirt away from the fibers themselves. Some wool can be cleaned by just hanging it up outside and letting nature do its work.

Wool is Easy to Clean and Care For

In addition to the lanolin mentioned above, wool is an easy-clean material. You can usually gently hand-wash the items in cold water or use the wool setting on your washing machine and hang it to dry. Wool retains its color and shape beautifully if cared for properly. For the love of all things holy do not heat wash or dry wool. The fibers will shrink and stick together and you’ll have a tiny sweater left.

Wool is Odor Resistant

One of my favorite wool facts is that it’s odor resistant. Since we already covered how it’s a breathable fabric, sweat and wetness dry quickly and smells don’t stick in the fabric as much. So wool is a perfect material to travel with, and I’ve recently added two Uniqlo wool merino sweaters to my travel packing arsenal.

Glerups Review:

OK! Now that we’ve covered why wool is absorbent, warm, and odor resistant, let’s get into why we’re here: Glerups slippers.

I happened upon these wool slippers at the Tivoli Christmas Market and was hooked from first glance.

The slippers are made from soft, hand felt wool, and parts of the production are made by hand. Glerups are foot shaped, and after wearing them, they will naturally adapt to the shape of your foot, making them a super cozy and comfortable slipper.

Glerups are unisex, and come either in a soft sole version or a newer version with a rubber sole. They also come in three different heights: an open heel, a shoe, and a low boot. I personally chose a light grey color in the classic shoe design. Size 42, if you’d curious (I wear a ladies 11 in US sizes).

Glerups Styles:

Here you can see a few different versions of Glerups, from open heel to shoe to low boot, with both soft and rubber soles. They come in about 10 different colors from classic grey, to red, orange, black, blue, and green.

Glerups wool slippers orange open heel

Glerups wool slippers orange open heel style. SHOP THIS STYLE


Glerups shoe rubber sole wool slippers

Glerups shoe with rubber sole wool slippers. SHOP THIS STYLE


Glerups wool slippers blue low boot rubber sole

Glerups wool slippers blue low boot rubber sole. SHOP THIS STYLE

Glerups Wool Slippers: My Take

As you can see, Glerups come in a variety of styles and heights, based on what you’re using them for. When I was in Denmark the stores only sold the soft-soled slippers, but I would have loved the rubber sole version for quick trips out to the yard.

I’ve been wearing my Glerups around the house and love how I can wear them without socks. My feet don’t get too hot or too cold, and they wick away moisture so my feet stay nice and dry. They’re also incredibly light, and feel like there’s nothing on my feet.

If I had one critique, I’d love for them to have more padding. I think there is a layer or two of wool in the sole and I’d love if there could also be a layer of memory foam; that would set them over the top. But I also understand that might take away from some other properties like moisture-wicking or odor resistance if there’s a synthetic piece in the sole of the slipper.

By buying the slippers in Denmark directly I saved about $25, so that’s one way to get a discount on them (after buying your airfare and hotel, of course, jk).

If you have a pair, leave a comment below with your thoughts! Or let me know if you have any questions about Glerups–I’d love to answer your questions, if I can!


Glerups Wool Slippers Grey

Another stunning shot of my feet, but you can see the soft soles and stitching here. SHOP THIS LEWK 


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By Stephanie, The Roving Fox, December 13, 2018
  • 7
  • lynn
    October 30, 2020

    Ihave been wearing glerups for just over a year now and they are the only shoe i can wear due to foot swelling issues…i wear them everywhere, winter and summer, with no socks, and can even wear the booties in the snow with no cold feet…they are the most wonderful shoes I’ve ever had…and i get many compliments on how stylish they look when I’m out and about…i have 6 pairs in different colours and styles, and they are the best investment I’ve ever made…

    • Stephanie
      November 16, 2020

      Wow, that is great! I want to try the style with the plastic bottom soon.

  • Alexandra
    November 18, 2020

    I just ordered my first pair this morning, the booties with a rubber sole, and they will arrive Friday. I’ll try to remember and let you know how they are! 🙂

  • Arlene
    March 8, 2021

    I’ve been wearing Glerups around the house for a couple of years. I love them but Mine have stretched a bit so I think I might wash them in cold water and reform them. Have you had any experience with that?

    • Stephanie
      March 26, 2021

      I have not tried! I have the ones with the soft bottom, so I am not sure a washing machine would be good for them.

  • wayne lowns
    December 13, 2021

    been wearing mine for over a year all day everyday day & love them . they dont get smelly as i found with other slippers .the leather soles are extremly slippery in snow . i just ordered a pair with the rubber soles .money well spent .

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