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Hip Labrum Surgery: 6 Month Update After Labral Repair

  • October 14, 2018
  • By Stephanie, The Roving Fox
Hip Labrum Surgery: 6 Month Update After Labral Repair

Hip Labrum Surgery 6 Month Update:

If you’ve been following my hip labrum surgery progress, you’ll remember that I had my right hip labrum repaired in April 2018. I had the surgery at the Massachusetts General Hospital outpatient center in Waltham, MA.

Here are a few previous posts about my hip labrum surgery in case you’re interested:

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This week will mark 6 months since the surgery, and I have mixed feelings about it, to be honest.

One of my main symptoms was the sheer amount of tightness in my hip flexor, glute, and piriformis muscles. Because the joint was unstable, the muscles were super tight. In order to release them I’d have to “foam roll” with a hard PVC pipe. It was literally the only thing that could break up the tightness.

Other than the muscle tightness, I had back pain. But I was not experiencing too much sharp joint pain.

During the surgery, the surgeon found out that my labrum was not only torn, but the torn flap had folded up in on itself (barf), and he also shaved down the bone to make sure it was smooth.

The recovery itself was mostly fine. I was on crutches for 6 weeks, and had a few scares when I would trip, but I did not experience much pain during the recovery.

I’ve also been in physical therapy since before the surgery, so it’s probably been almost a year that I’ve been in PT! I love the MGH Sports Therapy team, and my PT has been fantastic in listening to me and making sure that I am progressing at an appropriate rate.

That all being said, as I am incorporating more strength and running into my recovery program, I actually am noticing that the muscles in the hip are getting tight in the exact same way as before the hip labrum surgery. I actually had to roll on the PVC pipe the other day. That is concerning to me. I am just hoping that the muscles are getting used to their new activity and will start to adapt.

I’ve also noticed sharp pains happening in the hip. Sometimes it makes sense, like if I am stretching maybe too far, or after a running interval. But sometimes it hurts when I am just standing around. It’s weird. I especially notice it if I’ve been sitting for long periods of time. The doctor thinks it’s stemming from tight muscles. So I am curious to see how it progresses.

But in good news, my back pain is so much better. I am able to stand for longer without discomfort, which is awesome! I can also walk for a long time. Like recently in Paris, I was walking up to 18,000 steps PER DAY. And it was 90% comfortable!

But now the question is: do I get the hip labrum surgery on the left side? Yes, my left hip labrum is also torn!

The main symptom I was having on the left side was sciatica. The piriformis would tighten from activity and clamp down on the nerve, causing numbness and tingling on the left side. Since I’ve been doing less activity in general, the muscles haven’t really been tight enough to cause sciatica in the last several months. I can feel some clicking in the hip, but no pain or discomfort.

I am conflicted about whether to go through with the hip labrum surgery on the left. Especially since I am experiencing tightness and sharp pains on the right side! If I am not having pain on the left now, it’s hard to want to go through months of recovery. And then what if it ends up hurting more than now? Ugh.

Both the surgeon and the other surgeon I went to said it’s up to me if I want the surgery. They don’t think it will contribute to early arthritis or more wear, as long as I don’t go crazy with exercise (and to be honest, those crazy days are behind me at this point!).

I’d love to hear pros and cons from anyone who has had both sides done, or not. Thanks for following my hip labrum surgery journey!


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By Stephanie, The Roving Fox, October 14, 2018
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