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Best Travel Shoes for Women: Stylish, Lightweight, and Perfect for Walking and Standing all day

  • April 19, 2019
  • By Stephanie, The Roving Fox
Best Travel Shoes for Women: Stylish, Lightweight, and Perfect for Walking and Standing all day

If you’re planning a vacation, you definitely want to take the best travel shoes for women and good shoes for walking all day. Since you’ll likely be on your feet all day, the best shoes for standing all day are supportive and cushioned to absorb shock. Plus you want stylish walking shoes for travel so you don’t look like a total tourist abroad!

Whenever I travel I pack between 1-4 pairs of shoes, depending on where I am going, activities planned, and the weather. It also depends on if I am carrying on a small bag or have more room in a checked bag. I find packing more than one pair of comfortable travel shoes is best for my feet so I can give my feet a break. Plus, if you get blisters you are going to want to have more shoes to wear that don’t touch your sore spots!

Stylish walking shoes for Europe and other destinations will never be out of fashion, and you can just as easily wear them at home.

My go-to travel shoes include: women’s walking shoes for travel such as a pair of breathable and lightweight walking shoes or “not-ugly sneakers”; a pair of travel sandals; tall boots for winter travel; a pair of comfortable flats to dress up or down; and flip flops or beach shoes.

Good news: If you’re looking for the best walking shoes for plantar fasciitis, there have been huge strides (haha, get it?) in combining stylish walking shoes and fashion. And thank goodness for that! No more wearing bulky gym sneakers on your travels. (Unless you like that, then you do you. But you will stand out like a sore thumb. Don’t say I didn’t tell you).

My #1 travel shoe regret has always been bringing too few shoes. Well, I guess I shouldn’t say that. I did not pack the “right” shoes. There have been times when I tried to pack ultra light and just packed one or two pairs of shoes. Both times, I regretted it because I ended up getting huge blisters, then was stuck with having to wear the “blister shoes” for the rest of my trip.

If you’re wondering why I didn’t buy more shoes, it was because I wear an extra large shoe size and they were unavailable where I was traveling. So I just patched my poor feet up with bandaids and limped the rest of the trip. Womp womp.

But my pain is your gain because now there are a number of comfortable travel shoes that I can recommend to you!

This article contains affiliate links, which means I might make a small commission if you purchase something I recommend, at no cost to you. Thank you for your support!

Best Travel Shoes for Women: Best shoes for standing all day that are stylish & easy to pack

Best Shoes for Standing All Day

After traveling around Mexico, Europe, and China, the best shoes for standing all day I’ve found are a breathable and lightweight walking shoe. Thankfully, athleisure has grown as a trend so you can wear casual shoes anywhere. Good shoes for walking all day should be supportive and well-padded.

If you suffer from any sore joints or plantar fasciitis (I had hip surgery last year), you will want comfortable travel shoes that can absorb shock. Sometimes you might take 20,000 steps in a day, so you definitely want a no-rub shoe and foam soles.

My two favorite stylish walking shoes for travel are Skechers walking shoes and Asics walking shoes. I’ve worn both of these exact shoes from Mexico to Paris to China. They are both stylish walking shoes that are good for walking all day. You can also wear them for a short jog or gym session since they’re stable and supportive!

Best Travel Shoes for Women Skechers walking shoes

Skechers walking shoes – Skechers Ultra Flex ($65)

Skechers walking shoes are lightweight walking shoes that are good for walking all day. I think these are the best travel shoes for women that I’ve ever worn. The memory foam foot bed is extremely shock absorbing, and I love the on-trend colors they’re coming out with. I’m wearing a teal green pair below, but I also love the pink color!

Click to shop these Skechers walking shoes

Skechers walking shoes Best Travel Shoes for Women

Click to shop these Skechers walking shoes ($65)

Asics walking shoes lightweight walking shoes

Asics walking shoes – Asics Gel Torrance ($49)

Asics is my go-to brand for supportive running shoes, and they also make one of my favorite lightweight walking shoes. These shoes are just over 7 oz, making them good shoes for walking all day or for a short workout while traveling.

Click to shop these Asics walking shoes

And if you’re looking for a no-show pair of socks, check out these low Smart Wool Hide and Seek Socks ($15). I have three pair of these and always find myself pulling them out of the sock drawer. The wool is sweat-wicking and anti-microbial, making the a perfect travel sock.

Stylish Walking Shoes for Travel

In addition to packing a pair of practical walking shoes, you might want to pack a more stylish pair of walking shoes for travel. You will definitely want stylish walking shoes for Europe, in particular, since people tend to “dress up” more there.

Stylish walking shoes Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies ballet flats walking shoes ($47+)

What I love most about these Hush Puppies shoes are that they are ultra light. At just 5 oz, you can carry them around all day in a purse and never feel weighed down. That’s perfect for when you want to wear comfortable walking shoes for sightseeing then switch into something more dressy on the go. These ballet flats also fold up, so you can easily stick them in a pocket!

Click to shop these Hush Puppies shoes 

M Gemi leather drivers travel shoes for women

M. Gemi Leather Pastoso Drivers ($198)

My latest obsession are these Italian leather M. Gemi leather drivers. If you’re looking for dressy walking shoes and European walking shoes, look no further. The shoes are crafted in small, family-owned Italian workshops with real leather. You might pay a bit more, but the quality and craftsmanship are unmatched. I have a pair in light pink and am planning on wearing them all over Spain. The baby blue and navy colors have me ready to buy my next pair!

Click to shop these M. Gemi shoes

Best Travel Sandals

Especially if you’re going abroad in the summer, you will need a pair of comfortable sandals for travel. Some of the best travel shoes for women are going to be sandals. Not only are they breathable, but more styles are being produced with comfortable foot beds and plenty of support.

SoftWalk shoes and sandals. best walking sandals for europe

SoftWalk shoes – SoftWalk Bolinas ($49+)

These SoftWalk shoes are some of the best walking sandals for Europe. Not only are they stylish walking sandals, but the foot bed is made with memory foam. Your feet will be thanking you after a long day of walking on cobblestones! These are some of the best travel shoes for women I’ve found because you can easily wear them to the beach or out to dinner.

Click to shop these SoftWalk shoes 

Havaianas Slim Flip Flops

Havaianas slim flip flops best travel shoes for women

Havaianas Slim Flip Flops ($20+)

Finally, don’t forget to pack a pair of flip flops for your travels! They take up no room at all in your bag. But they will come in extremely handy if you go to a pool, beach, or a spa. These Havaianas slim flip flops are some of the best travel shoes for women in the sandals-flip flops department. I love how the gold tops are subtle and match any outfit or swimsuit.

Click to shop these Havaianas slim flip flops ($20+)

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By Stephanie, The Roving Fox, April 19, 2019
  • 11
  • Jen
    April 20, 2019

    I end up walking way more than anticipated whenever I travel and my feet definitely suffer for it. Taking notes!

  • Melissa
    April 20, 2019

    Love those ballet flats! I have been wanting to find a ballet flat that is comfortable for all day wear when traveling to dress up my outfits a little.

    • Stephanie
      April 22, 2019

      I love how they come in a bunch of colors, too!

  • Christina
    April 20, 2019

    I am about to purchase all of these shoes!!!! I have the hardest time finding shoes that are comfortable for my feet and still stylish. So thank you for this list!

    • Stephanie
      April 22, 2019

      I’m glad it was helpful! Thank you for reading!

  • Stephanie
    April 22, 2019

    Yes, there are so many great options out there!

  • Lana
    May 2, 2019

    I’m heading to Iceland, Norway and Denmark in late November to mid December. Part of this trip will involve lots of walking with some walking on glaciers. Any suggestions on good sturdy , waterproof, fashionable footwear?

    • Stephanie
      May 3, 2019

      I am going to look into this and come back w a rec!

    • Stephanie
      May 7, 2019

      So I was in Denmark in early December this year and it was cold, but not deathly freezing yet. So I think boots plus thick socks would be great. Danes are also quite fashionable and practical, so you definitely don’t want anything that screams “tourist.” Here are a few pairs that look attractive, comfortable, and have good tread on them.
      Tall Sorel boot:
      Tall North Face boot:
      Low North Face boot:

      I hope those help!

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