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Home Workouts to Stream Online

  • May 4, 2020
  • By Stephanie, The Roving Fox
Home Workouts to Stream Online

Home workouts I’m streaming online during our stay at home order.

Well, we are in week 8 of our stay at home order in Cambridge. It’s been an interesting journey, for sure. I started by thinking we’d just be inside for maybe two weeks. Then, of course, that timeline got smashed to bits and we are all still getting to know our home intimately.

Something that is a huge part of my life is exercising regularly. It gives me self-confidence and makes me feel “better” every day. I don’t know if it’s the endorphins or what, but I rarely go more than a day or two without working out or taking an active recovery day. So it was an interesting journey to find home workouts to stream online that I’d like that would be challenging enough to feel like I was replicating a gym experience.

Thankfully, we already had adjustable weight dumbbells,  a pair of 2 lb hand weights, and exercise bands.

So it was really a matter of finding home workouts that were challenging, provided diversity to challenge my mind and body, and that suited my preexisting mobility limitations due to hip labrum surgery.

Thankfully, I’ve found a great combination of HIIT (high intensity workouts), strength, dance, and yoga so I’m constantly challenged.

Read on to discover my favorite home workouts and the home workout equipment I use.

Home Workouts to Stream Online

Home Workout Equipment

For some of these workouts, you won’t need a single thing. But, it is always nice to have a few props to add resistance or to help with stretching. Here are some of my favorite pieces of home workout equipment. And we already owned them!

Adjustable Weight Dumbbells

2 lb dumbbells for Barre and Pilates

Resistance Bands

Extra Long Yoga Mat (mine is purple!)

Yoga Socks–great for Pilates, too

I just stocked up on these after slipping on our stair carpet and taking a bad fall…

My Favorite Home Workout to Stream Online: Obe Fitness

Obe Fitness offers live and on-demand workouts on their app. Out of all the workouts, their user experience is the best I’ve tried. The videos are high quality, and the balance of audio and video is excellent. After trying 100 Zoom calls, you know high quality audio and visual is essential!

Obe’s workouts are typically 28 minutes, but they also offer a few 45 minute strength and cardio sessions, and yoga sessions of about an hour. Their instructors are fun and high energy, and I find myself going back to this app again and again.

You can stream them from your phone or cast them to a tv, which is what I do to get a nice large picture.

Obe Fitness app costs $27 USD per month or $199 per year. They are now offering a free 30 day trial with the code ATHOME.

Pictured is one of my personal fave instructors, Walter! You can count on him for a tough workout and self-confidence boost.

Booty By Brabants Instagram Workouts

Kelly Brabants is a Boston-based fitness instructor. She teaches high energy cardio workouts that are famous for their booty building moves. You can count on her for lots of squats, burpees, jumps, and pushups. But don’t forget about the fun! Kelly brings energy, smiles, and spirit to her classes, and always throws in a bunch of fun dance moves. Even for the awkward, like me, it’s easy to shake your bod.

And don’t forget about her leggings, designed by Kelly and made in Brazil (where her family is from). The business is a true family affair.

Kelly’s been teaching free Instagram home workouts several times a week, and usually just requests you donate a few dollars to charity in exchange for the class. An all around win!

New York City Ballet Instagram Class

Am I a dancer? No.

Do I envy their balance and grace? YES.

New York City Ballet is offering a weekly ballet barre class with their Associate Artistic Director and ballerina Wendy Whelan on Instagram. Her IG classes are Wednesdays at 5pm and get archived on the NYCB Instagram TV tab.

Her classes have shown me that even a dance newbie can try a few pliés to build strength and length after hunching over my laptop all day. The streams are free, but they request a small donation to keep the company fiscally sound during the shutdown.

Yoga With Adriene Home Workouts to Stream Online

After all of the strength, cardio, and dance listed above, you need a moment to breathe, stretch, and recover. Yoga With Adriene offers all that and so much more.

I really love that her videos are curated by length, so you can choose a quick stretch or a longer, more intense session to stream online from home. Her main channel is on YouTube, where you can try one of her hundreds of videos.

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By Stephanie, The Roving Fox, May 4, 2020
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