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Copper Cow Coffee Vietnamese Pour Over Coffee

  • July 4, 2020
  • By Stephanie, The Roving Fox
Copper Cow Coffee Vietnamese Pour Over Coffee

Copper Cow Coffee pour over coffee is one of the most innovative businesses changing the coffee industry today. A woman-owned business, Copper Cow Coffee was founded by Vietnamese-American entrepreneur and sustainability advocate Debbie Wei Mullin. Since then, they’ve been revolutionizing how people drink their home made coffee.

Whether you’re drinking the coffee hot or iced; at home or while traveling, the brews are high quality. The fun and uplifting flavors included in the Vietnamese coffee kits are delightful to drink day after day. And with no mess, you can enjoy these lattes every day from your home, office, or even a camper van!

If you think you’re stuck with instant coffee while traveling or are just looking for a more portable option, these pour over coffee filter and grinds combination could be for you.

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Copper Cow Coffee Pour Over Coffee

Copper Cow Coffee Flavors

One thing I love about these coffees are the unique flavors suited to a variety of seasons. I ordered the six-pack variety bundle which included the following flavors:

Cream Latte: a classic upfront coffee flavor great for every day.

Mint Latte: a refreshing mint coffee flavor that tastes like coffee and mint leaves together. Great iced!

Lavender Latte: take a nice inhale as you open the coffee packet. Does it smell like summer in France? The lavender flavor is soothing and mild. Perfect hot or iced.

Rose Latte: a soft, flowery flavor that you can just taste behind the beans

Churro Latte: a sweet and cinnamon-based flavor that’s perfect hot. It gives me a very “autumn” vibe

Cardamom Latte: a slightly spicy brew, sure to wake up your taste buds

Other flavors include Rosemary Latte (I’m curious about that flavor!), Ginger Latte (also curious about this–it sounds like it would be great in the winter months!), and a Thai Iced Tea option.

All in all, the flavors are creative, and give your taste buds something to look forward to with every cup!

Best Travel Mugs

Contigo travel mug (around $20 on Amazon)

I love, LOVE Contigo travel mugs. With their seal lock tops, you can literally throw them upside down into a purse or gym bag and they will not leak. They keep drinks so warm, too!

YETI Camping Travel Mug (around $40 on Amazon)

I just love all of the colors for the YETI travel mug and it has more that 13,000 glowing reviews. Seems like a winner!

Copper Cow Coffee Creamer

One thing I actually wasn’t aware of when I ordered, was the fact that each five-pack of pour over coffee grinds comes with five packs of creamer, too! It was a nice surprise to open the package and see the coffee and creamer all together.

Vietnamese pour over coffee is partly so special because of the creamy and sweet condensed milk that’s typically served in the coffee drinks, both hot and iced. Cooper Cow gives you packs of sweetened condensed milk, made in the USA from California milk and sugar. It doesn’t have any preservatives or additives, and it really makes each cup feel so special and luxurious.

Vietnamese Pour Over Coffee grinds

If you’re considering a pour over coffee, you probably pretty much already know how to make a pour over coffee, in theory. Usually, you get some sort of pour over coffee cone device, put it over a mug, insert a coffee filter, add grounds, and slowly pour hot water over it so it drips into the mug.

But since the pour over grinds are already “built in” to the Copper Cow filters, all you have to do is pop open the “wings” of the filter, rest them on your mug, tear the top open, and pour hot water over them.

The other cool thing about the Copper Cow coffee is that the whole filter and pour over coffee grind system is compostable and biodegradable. The external wrapper is apparently recyclable. But the pack that the creamer comes in is a single-use plastic. Not ideal if you’re having a few cups per day.

Coffee Subscription

Copper Cow offers a monthly subscription for those who become long-term devotees. Their coffee club box gets shipped to you once a month. They claim it can save you 40% over buying individual boxes. The more you order from regular or coffee club subscriptions, the more you can earn in rewards points and discounts.

The coffee club subscription box is between $30 – $42 per month depending on whether you get the pack with creamers, plain black coffee, or a flavor bundle.

Copper Cow Coffee Review

Overall, Copper Cow Coffee is a high quality Vietnamese pour over coffee option. It can be used at home or as a travel coffee option or as a substitute for instant coffee. As long as you have access to hot water you can make a cup of fresh coffee! The addition of unique flavors and the sweet condensed milk creamer sets these biodegradable coffee sets apart from its competitors.

Save $10 on Copper Cow Coffee now when you use my referral link on their website!

Shop for Copper Cow Coffee on Amazon

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By Stephanie, The Roving Fox, July 4, 2020
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